Infinity Ward Comments on MW3 Cheaters

GR - "Earlier today, we posted an article lambasting Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for its seemingly ineffectual treatment of cheaters, who remain a rampant problem for the game's online service."

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fluffydelusions2174d ago

I enjoyed MW2 for a long while but after Blops and MW3 I cannot get into COD anymore. Just so sick of it. Sold MW3 this past week.

lorianguy2174d ago

I agree. They've really stopped making a good game and have instead focused on their milking techniques.

I find myself playing a lot of MW2 recently though due to the constant urge to nuke some kid's team and the desire to play on quality maps that weren't thrown together at the last minute.

However I have played a lot of infection on MW3 recently too because who doesn't like infection? :D

jeseth2174d ago

To be honest, I thought the maps were part of the games strong points. There aren't any bottlenecks that you can't get around, which helps with the excessive camping you find in FPS games.

No matter where you are on the map you have to defend at least 3 ways where enemies can get to you. I found it helped keep the players moving and separates the good players from the mediocre/bad.

Minus the need for a graphical facelift, I think MW3 is the best COD since the first MW. Its more balanced, killstreaks aren't as dominant, and how you choose your loadout really plays into the game.

I know its easy to hate on Activision and COD, but MW3 is a big improvement...and Kill Confirmed is an awesome game mode.

Dee_912174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

@ jeseth I think we played 2 different games.It seem like a majority of the maps on mw3 was made for camping.I thought after awhile I would get used to the maps.But nope.Im a good player my first time playing td i went 25-5.But it get so boring and annoying when all everyone do is camp then brag like its some sort of talent.Same for the cheaters bragging about their aim bots and crap.
I wish they wouldve brought merc td back because thats all I play on mw2.

I didnt even play infection.I had the game for about a month.

Joe29112174d ago

Only game mode I find enjoyable is infection, everything = boring (mainly due to crap maps)

irepbtown2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

COD4 is still the ONE for me.
Absolutely amazing game. MW2 is decent however no COD can compare to the glorious COD4.

Its a shame its gone downhill ever since :(

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GraveLord2174d ago

But you still click on all MW3 articles and troll?

Just like you're sick of COD, I'm sick of trolls like you and your same old bull.

Majin-vegeta2174d ago

Yo gravelord I got a question for you why do you keep defending this recycled overhyped crappy game.yes I know your a gamer and bla bla but other than that why do you defend it??

gman_moose2174d ago

So because he doesn't like the game anymore, he can't voice his opinion? I see....

grahf2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

@Demon-Vegetable He would defend it but for some reason he has only 1 bubble.
I'll answer for him though... He (grave)actually isn't defending CoD, he is asking why people that don't like something go out of their way to make their opinions known and venomously attack anyone with an opposing view, also known as a "troll." His own question of course went unanswered, because the inherent nature of the troll is to not justify their own response but directly attck the OP. But now we're getting in some strange territory, because he (grave) in fact was trolling the OP (lorianguy)...

Grave's original question is kind of silly, because as long as people feel entitled to anonymously post on the internet whatever the hell they want, trolling will continue. As it was in the beginning, shall be at the end and all that stuff.

I'll bite on your question though... I'm personally new to the whole CoD "thing." I was into RPGs/Adventure games then the MMO scene for most of my gaming career and passed up the glory days of console FPS games. Got hooked on Reach, then tried BlOps, and I liked it a lot. So I never played CoD4, [email protected], or MW2, but according to everyone else I already have playing MW2.5, which is fine, because I like it, and its NEW TO ME. I would still like to give BF3 a try, and I haven't yet because I'm leary to on the 360 (would prefer the PC but I'm not spending $$/time on a good one) and because I had a falling out with EA and any of their products over a horrible customer service experience.

Thats why I will defend it, thats why I play it, and I enjoy it, especially when I can throw down with my friends & brothers. Its a fucking riot.

I can TOTALLY see how someone who played them all since CoD4 would be COMPLETELY burnt out, because there doesn't seem to be a TON of variation in gameplay, and there are also additional mechanics that "purists" would no agree with (death streaks, etc). And I disagree that it is both "overhyped" and "crappy." When a game makes BILLIONS, they can afford to have conventions, and have stars in their commercials. I don't think they really cater to anyone but people that are going to buy the game anyway! It is hyped up though, and a lot of people look forward to it every year. "Crappy" is relative, you need to compare it to something, because I've played some real CRAP in my years playing and MW3 doesn't come anywhere close to being "crappy." Now recycled, well I can't speak much on that because as I've stated, I've only played MW3 & BlOps, and to me they feel TOTALLY different.

@gman_moose lorianguy's post was short, but he gave reasons why he didn't like MW3 COMPARED to another game (MW2), so IMO he (lorianguy) has every right to post what he did, and should be able to do so without anti-troll-trolling (gravelord).

BUT, answering a question with a question is silly. And responding to a 1 bubble person looking to get a rise out of people is just as silly!

WTF am I doing then?!??!

princejb1342173d ago

this is what i call cheating and just hilarious lmao

TheUnbiasedLion2174d ago

I don't like this game but i hate cheaters even more it 100% ruins the experience for online people and its disgusting.

Tonester9252174d ago

I kinda had to force myself not to buy it. lol

xVeZx2174d ago

robert bowling stated "the game sucks we know"

Terrified2174d ago

I stopped caring really for the spray and pray method games.

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