Breaking News: PS Vita Price Crash

The price of the Playstation Vita just keeps on falling and with great bundle deals all over the net its very hard to keep up. Here at PS-Analog we do all the hard work of searching for deals so you don't have to. Hot off the press is news that cheap console and game stockists SHOPTO.NET have just reduced the price of the WI-FI Vita and their bundle packs here are the new pricing deals.

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LX-General-Kaos2174d ago

They will need to lower the price as much as possible to compete with the Nintendo 3DS. If anyone from sony reads this. Bring back Jetmoto

farhad2k82174d ago

To be honest, they don't have to do anything with the price.
It was doing great in terms of pre-orders anyway.
Only Japan was struggling, because all they play is Monster Hunter and MGS. /s

But really, I think it will be fine, and it doesn't seem like they've actually had a huge price drop.

I mean, as long as the sales are NEAR the 3DS sales, then I'm happy, because the 3DS had a huge price drop, while the VITA only got cut off by about £20 lol

MaxXAttaxX2174d ago (Edited 2174d ago )

For many people, cheaper is cheaper, regardless of value :/

PSV was priced right IMO, while the 3DS wasn't at launch. So I don't see a huge 3DS-like price drop any time soon.
Honestly, a price drop helped the 3DS a lot, the same way it will boost the PSV later down the road. No doubt.

S_C2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Just came in from pre ordering my wifi psvita form GAME roll on the 22nd .... BTW Uncharted looks un freaking believeable from the very brief hands on i got in store

Tanir2174d ago

the system is worth the 250, the 3ds wasnt, and still isnt worth 170 cuz its not even finished. the tech is ancient on that thing, if the thing came with dual analogs sure, but its a cheap add on so screw that.

the power of the vita and the game library along with capabilities far exceeds the 3ds's 8 month head start. sad cuz at launch the vita has more games the the 3ds does haha

tho in the end the average consumer will see them as equal on the surface, only a gamer can understand the vita. a casual person will just get the 3ds cuz its cheaper. same reason wii outsold everything (along with idea of losing weight)

when i worked at gamecrazy people thought the wii and ps3 were equal in power and that wii was better cuz u cud lose weight.......freakin casuals

ronin4life2174d ago

I'm a gamer. And I see them both for what they are.
I will not be buying a vita, and will be spending my money on the large list of 3ds releases in the coming weeks.
I do sincerely hope you enjoy the Vita, while I enjoy the 3ds.

Studio-YaMi2174d ago

Great news for consumers,wishing the PSVita all the success !
I'm still waiting for mine >_< ...


nevin12174d ago


way to describe why casuals>>>>>> ;>hardcore when it comes to sales.

More Parents will buy their kids more 3DSs than a $250 Vita.

Kran2174d ago

I know its insane.

I heard Dungeon Hunter got "ish" reviews though.

I went to amazon though. Vita Wifi + 8GB MS + Rayman = £235 bundle + Uncharted which I managed to pre-order for £30 at the time it was down and Wipeout 2048 for £30.

£295 it'll cost me.

Luc202174d ago

Nice deal. I went for gamestop bundle: psv wi fi+ uncharted+16gb card for £270 and with quidco saving will pay £256 in the end.

Kran2173d ago

I dont trust Gamestop. Never bought from them... but I just dont trust em :/

Half-Mafia2174d ago

Please do not buy Dungeon Hunter or Asphalt Injection. These 2 games are made buy the shi**ist game developer, Gameloft. And they are 2 iOS games ported to the Vita and are £30 & £18 for Vita and £5 & 69p on the App Store. They are trying to rip people off.

Get Wipeout or Modnation if you want racing. and Warrior's Lair when its out for a diablo type game

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The story is too old to be commented.