SFX-360's Never Dead Review

Big Ant writes:

"Being a 500 year old immortal demon hunter on a quest for vengeance that for a lack of better words, is a low life means you are bound to amass some free time. So what do you do with all of that free time? Well you kill demons of course while for working for NADA (National Anti Demon Agency), alongside your belittling human companion Arcadia. This pretty much sums up the idea behind Neverdead."

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Ilovetheps42234d ago

Dang. This game is getting terrible reviews everywhere. Hadn't heard much of it before all the reviews though.

Skate-AK2234d ago

Wow that's a little harsh. I've seen movie games get better ratings then this.

STGuy10402234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

The game isn't that bad.

Bakkies2234d ago

So this game rates lower than Notepad? Don't believe me, google "IGN Notepad review". (got 1.5/10)

Ilovetheps42234d ago

IGN gave this game a 3.0 and notepad a 1.5. So no, it doesn't rate lower than Notepad.

Bakkies2234d ago

I was actually referring to the current reviewers view. "SFX-360's Never Dead Review", you'll see it as soon as you scroll up. If that is too hard, try googling said line which is located between the quotation marks.

Ilovetheps42234d ago

Well how can you compare game review scores based on two DIFFERENT sites? Just because one website gives it a bad score doesn't mean you can compare it to the score on another website. It's illogical.