It Doesn’t Matter: The Lack of Gameplay Innovation Will Cost the Game Industry

the game industry needs to innovate new ideas that makes gamers want to play the games – not on ways to make gamers pay more money.

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Titanz2173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

With Nintendo making the motion plus accessory mandatory for their title (SS), it created a more immersive overall experience for me.

Gamers are all about details and polygons, gameplay and innovating is my schtick.

--Onilink--2173d ago

Im not sure, almost every generation there has been a genre that stands out and get many games, on nes- plataformers, snes-plataformer or beat em up, n64- adventure, etc this time it was fps, lets hope its not fps again next gen

dc12173d ago (Edited 2173d ago )

Really good read... but I doubt that the middle level developer will die.. no matter how big Activistion/THQ or EA will get. There will always be a market for publishers the likes of Atlus and developers like From Software / Atlus.

I also know the study is by large predictive accessment, however, I didn't know/ don't think will be a problem. fact (economy drop and tsunami hit aside) the gaming industry has been growing hand over fist for about 20 years. Overall revenue with in the entertainment sector exceeds the movie industry. So I'm a little confused with the survival comment.

Regarding innovation: Motion controls (all of the), Demon's/Dark souls, Skylanders, mobile gaming and much more says that new innovation is always around the corner.

And lastly , we should never discount the constant evolution of tried and true game play styles (platforms see Uncharted, puzzles see Portal and FPS = (to numerous to list)

Forgive any typos as I sent this from my phone.

gcolley2172d ago

excellent article and something i have felt for a few years now. unfortunately the masses doesn't seem to like change that much. i bore easily these days.