Techradar: PS VITA Review

"PlayStation Vita takes handheld gaming to a new level"

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fluffydelusions2326d ago

Saw one at gamestop but it was behind glass. I guess the 3DS was ripped right from the wall so they don't want anyone to mess with the PSV. Looks gorgeous btw

smashcrashbash2326d ago

Another positive review. Take that CNET

darthv722326d ago

the vita hardware would get positive reviews. What did cnet give it? Chances are if they gave it a low score it would be due to games and price and other factors that create the overall score.

But from the technical hardware side, it is a damn fine piece of tech. The hardware is only as good as the software. i know there will be games that dont showcase what it can do but there will be plenty more that do.

dark-hollow2326d ago

they bashed it because its not an apple product.

if you follow that crappy site reviews you would see a huge bias for anything non apple.

Knight_Cid2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

if I here the word new level I might scream though

and why insult the psp? It was a real playstation. A better one than the ps3 was

the vita can only pray to jesus that it does as well as the psp did.

Summons752326d ago

Can not wait couple more weeks and perfect timing for my move when i will be sitting on a train for quite some time.

KongRudi2326d ago

Some factual errors in the review, about having to not having to rebuy PSP-titles with the Japaneese UMD-program.
That were allways the case, you just got a discount if you had the UMD-disk, and transfered the signature of the UMD- to the Vita.
If it dosn't offer it in Europe, wich I don't find likely, you don't have to rebuy your PSP-games either - you just won't get the discount for transfering the UMD-signature.
You don't have to rebuy digital games.

Other than that it were a good review, but to litle focus on third party titles. :-/

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