PS Vita: Relic or Revolution?

The PlayStation Vita is released in western markets in under two weeks. It seems that everyone is either excitedly awaiting a new powerful handheld gaming device or cynically declaring it an outdated failure. Is the Vita a throwback to a period of gaming history that just doesn’t exist anymore or is it a new dawn in handheld gaming?

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Coltrane_C2206d ago

"cynically declaring it an outdated failure."

Whoever is saying this is an iOS fan boy. Vita is a great device.

dark-hollow2206d ago

up to this point it is the most powerful portable device.

thats a great feat considering how fast mobile technology evolves.

yes, quade-core phones are coming this year but games optimized for one device (dont forget about BUTTONS)
will make gaming on a vita way much better experience.
mobile phones and tablets just cant compete in this space.

sikbeta2206d ago

Casuals don't care about raw power or better graphics, if that was the case, wii couldn't have been successful as it was, the casual mass-market just take in consideration that I-Devices + Smartphones & Tablets let them play games and for cheap

Golden Abyss is a beast, has more lenght and gives you more as a game than any 0.99 game, but average joes don't care and just follow trends, Apple says that I-Devices are the Second Coming and [email protected] games are better than the $40/$50 portables games

darthv722206d ago

you have a point. Casuals care more about simplicity and cost effectiveness than the raw power and unfortunately the casuals outnumber the hardcore by quite a margin.

Yet still this is a device NOT for the casual of player. It is for the dedicated player. Dedicated to what gaming means and where it came from and where its going. Sort of like the NeoGeo (not the pocket) of portables. Expensive and sophisticated but worth every penny.

I do like the pic of the lynx (an under-rated system for its time) and how it melds with the vita. I'd like to see lynx games make a return to a portable. I know there were rumors about them coming to the 3ds.

Half-Mafia2206d ago

Specs aside, your not going to be seeing games like Uncharted with great graphics, smooth gameplay with high quality cutscenes and story telling on a smartphone. Because a developer cant afford to spend millions on devlopment and put it out for $10 or less.

Just think if Sony knew they had to make an Uncharted game, with a $10 price point. It would of probably ended up being like the crap GameLoft releases.

smashcrashbash2206d ago

Is this a joke. At what point did the VITA become outdated? Are people just trying to make up stuff at this point?

Drekken2206d ago

This has been the biggest slander campaign since the PS3 released. I really wished Sony would tell gamers to go F*** Themselves and stop making games, close their development studios and cancel the playstation. Some people have no clue what they have until its gone. I'm so friggin sick of all these complainers and slanderers.

Look at the latest firmware blog comments... ALL OF THEM are complaining and talking like the entitled little S***TS they are. All I notice with the new FW is a faster browser that doesn't freeze where it normally did. Everyone else see a chance to bash Sony.

Ethereal2206d ago

Great comment. As much as I believe Sony is the only company innovating the gaming industry these days, you almost have to pull it and make people realize what they are missing. This anti-Sony movement in the media is utterly insane, it's like they all forgot about what the PlayStation 2 did for gaming. We all know they had one and loved it....

sikbeta2206d ago

What everyone saying is that electronics evolve and they are expecting a Jack of All Trades kind of device, because that what's the I-Devices supposedly do

Yeah, Dedicated Gaming Devices are outdated and it has nothing to do with being more powerful, in fact Vita could be 3 times more powerful than the PS3/X360 and the result would be the same

Why? because analysts, people in the buzz and trend followers believe that there is no point of having a device that only do gaming IF there are other devices (smartphones, tablets) that do the same, thing is generalization:

Vita doing immersive games with beautiful graphics and all that


smartphones & tables doing time wasters 5 minutes games with basic graphics and nothing else

= The Same :/

This is similar to what everyone thought about game consoles after the '83 crash, "video-games consoles are toys", now that smartphones and tablets can do games, "there is no need to buy the toy anymore"

Get the picture? is not a campaign against Vita or something like that, a year ago same was said about the 3DS, but now everyone is switching to Vita because 3DS is seling great, meanwhile Vita is performing bad in it's home and the West didn't even see any advertising campaign for the device that it's about to lauch in less than a week, blame Sony for that though...

jukins2206d ago

I hear ya Drekken, I said the same thing on another vita article, anything sony is almost always instantly slandered by the media. I just dont understand it.

teedogg802206d ago

It sure seems like it huh?

JoeReno2206d ago

To be fair TSA was just quoting different articles about Vita, including that smartphone fanboi one from Gamespot from yesterday. TSA have said mostly positive things about Vita.

Knight_Cid2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

The relic are systems without controls

That gamespot article is hilarious because it never mentions the 3ds.

The 3ds, that in 9 months outsold every other system on the market worldwide. If people werent being pryed away from there smartphones wouldnt sales be 0?

He also mentions trash games like infinite blade 2, and a trash port like gta III for an arguement?

I mean come on

pucpop2206d ago

i miss my atari lynx...

barb_wire2206d ago

I have fond memories of the Lynx too.. was a beast in it's day but dang it was heavy and ate batteries like the Cookie Monster.

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