Marooners' Rock Review: Quarrel (XBLA)

Chris writes: "Growing up, I loved playing time-intensive board games. Monopoly? I'm down. Clue? You know it. Risk? At the drop of a hat. I also loved playing word games. Boggle? Oh yeah. Upwords? Of course. Scrabble? I'm a Scrabble fiend... Half a year ago, Quarrel, a beautiful combination of Risk and Scrabble, was released on iOS, and I was instantly enamoured. Now, the original XBLA concept behind the iOS release has, if a little late, fulfilled its destiny and made its way to my Xbox 360."

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Lelldorianx2323d ago

Quirky game, looks cool. I did hate Monopoly, though - that game took hours to play and always ended with people clearing the board :)