Cube World: The Minecraft We Wanted - Zelda + Minecraft Fusion

Gamers Nexus:"Imagine an expansive, randomly-generated atmosphere that is flooded with unique creatures, troves of hostile warriors, snot-leaking giants, villages, and fantastical environments with massive trees, waterfalls, and the like. A place to explore and conquer - to quest and customize your gear, build homes, and work with NPCs.

That world is "Cube World," an impressive fusion of Zelda, Diablo and Minecraft."

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Velox2235d ago

Holy balls, is that a froglok???

Lelldorianx2235d ago

I thought the same. I hope you can play as frog people...

Lelldorianx2235d ago

This game is so cool on many levels. I liked Minecraft, but I burned out and ran out of things to do. This one looks to have a much more expansive atmosphere -- hopefully it allows open modding for cool questlines and things like that.

MaroonersRock2235d ago

I still have to play Minecraft, personally. I need to get my PC situation fixed up first.

acidbrn2235d ago

This looks pretty rad! I kind of hope they implement digging/mining too though, or at least terrain modification to some extent.

Lelldorianx2235d ago

Terrain modification would definitely be nice for building purposes. I'd imagine mining is quite a big addition, I think I would rather have that development time spent on unique creatures :D

Velox2235d ago

Ehh, I dunno I'm ok without it

Lelldorianx2235d ago

Agreed! I wonder what kind of mod support it will have. :)

The_Bob2235d ago

I dig it, can't wait to play :)

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