Nintendo widens Fully year Loss Forecast

Nintendo expects to lose about 838 million dollars for its fiscal year. 3DS might help the company going forward.

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Knight_Cid2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

"Users are increasingly turning to playing on devices from Apple, whose
App Store offers more than 100,000 game and entertainment titles for the
iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch."

Is that why on average people spend 3 minutes per game on mobile devices? Is that why less than 60 percent of IOS users game full time on them?

Is that why the 3ds sold more than the wii,ps3,360,ds,psp ( almost combined) in 2011 in less than 9 months?

Please enlighten me

" and a consumer
preference for gaming on the iPhone and iPad that helped Apple more than
double profit in the quarter."

Is this why the 3ds was the highest selling system worldwide this year and did it in 9 months?

Is that why really? People want to play on garbage mobile devices?

And way to not even know your sources. The 3ds is over 15+ million now the year ending. Thats what they said. It isnt 11

BrutallyBlunt2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Nintendo is losing money while Apple is making BILLIONS in profits, yet you want to argue about how well the 3DS is doing? The fact of the matter is Nintendo had to be far more aggressive in pricing, thus they are selling them at a loss. People need to wake-up and realize those who post on game forums are a small sector of actual consumers.

What really amazes me is this arrogant attitude and those who look down or frown upon those who play games on other devices aside from purely designed game systems. Get over yourself, youre a nobody in the grander scene of things.

ozstar2295d ago


Cool statistical analysis bro

dark-hollow2296d ago

its natural transition between two generations.
it starts slow with major loss then it booms after two-three years then it slowly dies.

FriedGoat2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

It sells because it's cheap for what it is. They're losing money for every 3DS sold and the software is still pretty dire nearly a year in. I'm on the fence on Whether to sell it or not, I'm sure something worthwhile is gonna come out and I'll have to buy it back. Nothing as of yet though besides half length lack of content bite size games. Previous mario 64 ds and mario kart ds had way more content and seemed more like full games At least they're selling them though.

Knight_Cid2296d ago

Let me correct everything you just said.

It sells because its cheap, It has amazing exclusives worldwide for a first year system.

It is number 1 in the world after all.

They wont be losing money on the system past the first quarter of this year, and the software has been the strongest for any first year nintendo portable.

You want to talk about half length lack of content. Look on an app store.

FriedGoat2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

What are these amazing exclusives? Am I missing something?

Resident evil is average at best, super mario 3d land had short and repetitive mini levels, mario Kart 7 is missing the other half of the game considering its just basic championship, battle and online, where's the mission mode the logo creator that the DS version had? Other than that what other games are there? Zelda? That's not exclusive I had that on the n64 aswell as starfox.

Its not like i am bias i own a 3DS, Nothing impresses me on this system. Year 1 of the standard DS was WAY more impressive your talking absolute crap. Nintendo fanboys sicken me, specially when they can't see what's right infront of their face.

Also, nobody ever argues my points about the games because it's true, all they say is bleh bleh sales bleh bleh. I am a gamer and have been for 20+ years and the 3DS is dissapointing, if you can't see that you obviously don't have the gaming experience to tell when your being screwed over.

PopRocks3592296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )


Your personal preference has little to do with the argument. Those games are good to a lot of people even if they are not to you. This is not an argument about getting you to enjoy the system, this is why the 3DS will ultimately be a success and why it is not a bad handheld to own.

The argument you are generating is personal preference, nothing more. If you don't enjoy it, I'm sure you can sell it to someone else who will be happier with it.

Also Star Fox 64 3D has a brand new multiplayer mode with killer graphics and Zelda on 64 didn't even have Master Quest.

Now I'd like to address your last statement. I decide what's a good value for me, okay? Not you or anyone else. To me, $250 for integrated games that I can play by meeting friends at work or wherever, a web browser, a downloadable game shop, 20 free games from the NES and GBA, Mario, Zelda, and a plethora of other Nintendo franchises, plus games that I love like Resident Evil is a fucking good value to me.

If it's not to you, then fine. I don't really care either which way. But don't criticize my judgement just because you don't agree with it. It makes you sound like a jackass.

Khordchange2296d ago

it has nothing to do with handheld business considering it was the only thing that increased for them this year. Why is everyone ignoring the Yen exchange?

Ulf2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

The casual market was the primary reason for the success of the DS in the first place. Thus, Nintendo is hardest hit by the casual moving over to play Sudoku and Brain Twister on their iPhone.

This situation has never been surprising to anyone who actually understands the gaming industry, and the market forces that drive it.

Knight_Cid2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

and your going to tell me 5 million hardcore non casuals bought nintendogs and cats? there isnt one casual 3ds purchaser?

@ below

So it was all hardcore gamers that helped the 3ds be number 1 worldwide in 2011. Was it all hardcore gamers that helped the 3ds move more units in its first 12 months than any nintendo system ever has?

Ulf2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

There are casual 3DS consumers, sure -- they are just not as commonplace as the casual DS consumers were, during a time when the DS had NO serious competition in the casual marketplace.

There are no black & white scenarios -- don't imagine I'm painting a black & white picture, just because the shade of grey I'm talking about isn't the one you like.

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