David Jaffe Reveals Future Plans, Reiterates No Twisted Metal DLC or Sequel Planned

Earlier this week we learned that David Jaffe would be leaving Twisted Metal developer Eat Sleep Play to pursue a more causal side of video game development. Now, sitting down on the DICE 2012 edition of the Joystiq Show, Jaffe has revealed what lies in his future.

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lorianguy2202d ago

Hopefully no DLC = Complete and full of quality game from the start.

But I think I'll be wanting a sequel this time next year - the demo has been amazing fun!

Mikeyy2202d ago

This is a delusional mindset you people have

No dlc = less game. I would have loved additions to this game later on down the road.

coolbeans2202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

"No dlc = less game."

Your mindset is just as delusional.

TheCopyNinja2202d ago

No DLC = full game from the start.
Dlc = Half game, buy the rest.

Mikeyy2202d ago

Use your brains people. they are not going to give you more content for less money.

Those 11 disagrees are all delusional idiots.

Noboby works harder for less $


It really depends on the take for DLC.

Unfortunately, the current mindset in the industry seens to be sell half the game for 60 and than sell unlock codes, last game stuff and other crap as new DLC (day and date with the disc release).

So, yeah, no DLC sounds like a good idea to me, it means whatever they want to make into the game, will be there in the initial 60 bucks.

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NeoTribe2202d ago

Not all dlc is a scam. I personally like good quality dlc. I know bs dlc when ic it so I don't dl it. Use ur better judgment.

ShoryukenII2202d ago

B2K was being developed before the game released so I would put that under the BS DLC category (even though it was free for me). BC2 Vietnam was the only paid DLC for BC2 and it was great so that would be quality DLC.

If they made DLC for Twisted Metal, development would start after release so it wouldn't be scam DLC. This is like Dark Souls. No DLC was planned but they might make some. These DLCs aren't scams.

So Twisted Metal DLC would not be a scam. It might be crappy though.

coolbeans2202d ago

"Hopefully no DLC = Complete and full of quality game from the start."

So...we should be led to believe every game with planned DLC for the future means the 'vanilla' game isn't complete? I'm not exactly sure who on here believes GTA4 WASN'T a complete game.

nevin12202d ago

I wonder does it have to do with the mixed reaction to the demo.

DeleteThisxx2202d ago

Uh, do you really think a demo can persuade a company into deciding whether or not they want to make a sequel? It comes down to sales, it ALWAYS comes down to sales.

DarkTower8052202d ago

Anyone know if this will be available for digital download? I haven't been following this too much.

lorianguy2202d ago

Hopefully. I don't know if you'll get the free Black game with a digital copy though :/

DarkTower8052202d ago

I hope it does, I'm trying to avoid buying 2 copies so me and my son can play together. We used to have a blast with TMB.

lorianguy2202d ago

Ahh! I see what you want a digital copy for now :)

Well they certainly seem to be on the rise with Battlefield 3 being available as a digital download (as a recent example).

And that was a pretty hefty game, so here's hoping :D

FinaLXiii2202d ago

I hooe he focus on other stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.