Review: SoulCalibur V [Press2Reset]

Namco Bandai is playing it safe and not changing much in the overall structure of the Soul Calibur series. The result is a title that passes the test, but doesn't really do much else.

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Robotronfiend2326d ago

I disagree with the review. Most fans of fighting games will agree that the story and arcade modes are not nearly as important as the online experience. I've not had any matches with a connection rating of "3" or better feel laggy at all.

The training mode is actually extremely deep. What you probably meant in the article is that you wanted more documentation about HOW to use the training mode. It is one of the best training modes in recent years, but that also means it is deep and complex. It will take a while to really get the most out of it.

I'd probably give it an 8.5/10, weighting the single player things much lighter than Vs or Online combat parts.

acidbrn2325d ago

Thanks for the feedback! I'll pass it on to the author.

I'm not a big fighting game player myself but I did pick up this title. Once I've had some time with it I'll be better able to agree/disagree with both you and the writer.

Kos-Mos2326d ago

Well it's definitly more noob friendly.

acidbrn2325d ago

I think we'll see more and more games making that switch, at least for a time. They'll want to increase their player-base by attracting the noobs.

Robotronfiend2325d ago

I think they did a wonderful job blending and balancing mechanics so one can have fun the first hour they play, and still be learning after 50 hours.

If you get a chance, browse through the SC5 guide from Future Press. It's absolutely amazing, best guide I've seen for a fighting game. The section about the Training mode should have been part of the official instruction manual.