Twisted Metal Trophy List Revealed

The trophy list for the upcoming Twisted Metal, including a couple that will take some serious commitment.

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Lelldorianx2206d ago

Seriously, how many times do we have to see that stupid image?

Seventh_Blood_Reborn2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

Seriously: Sweet tooth is basically the symbol of the game, what' s the matter lol?
It works the same way with almost every game here on N4G, look at BF3 for example.

fluffydelusions2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

"That stupid image" > your avatar

lorianguy2206d ago

Does anyone else think it's slightly wonky? Or is that the purpose of it?

-But it's a great pic showing Needles Kane in his flaming glory :D

SaffronCurse2206d ago

As a user who should be a contributor to this website, you aren't posting anything related that contributes to the subjects topic.

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ChiVoLok02206d ago

I think that "all sales are final" trophy is going to give me a hard time if I go for it.

lorianguy2206d ago

That looks painful! I don't think I will manage to do that myself either.. -- also I want to know how we can heal teammates for the "Medic!" trophy.

ISKREEM2206d ago

Junkyard Dog's alternate special drops a health pick-up for teammates to use.

TheLastGuardian2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

All Sales are final – Win at least 1 ranked online game per day for 30 days straight.

Piece of cake. I'm gonna have that trophy 30 days after February 14th. I'm gonna be playing this game to death.

Twisted Gold looks like the hardest one to me. I had a hard time beating previous Twisted Metal games on their hardest difficulties without using cheats.

ChiVoLok02206d ago

I go out on weekends with my family and they don't have internet so it's not easy for me.

latinalover2206d ago

Its looks hard but its easy

acemonkey2206d ago

im ready for battle. @Lelldorianx what image would you like? lol its sweet tooth what more do u need?

acemonkey2206d ago

couldnt edit my comment but looked at the trophies again seen old school. 4 player split screen? lol what happens if u dont have any friends sad face...looks like i need to buy a couple controllers so i can get plat

ChiVoLok02206d ago

You'll only need one more it says 2,3, or 4 player game.

banjadude2206d ago

Wooo... I'm definitely not going to be able to get Platinum for this game. I think my "skills" will only allow me, at most, a silver, lol!

Ness6192206d ago

So does the Calypso trophy mean get 1st place in your match, or be 1st place overall in the world? Cuz uh...yeah. Don't see a lot of players getting that after the game's been out after a while.

ISKREEM2206d ago

I'm pretty sure it means reach the highest rank from accumulating a set amount of experience points.

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