Digital Hippos Review: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Josh of Digital Hippos writes: "This game is an absolute recommendation from me. Lovers and haters of Final Fantasy XIII alike will enjoy this game. If you are a fan of RPG's in general or have ever been a fan of the Final Fantasy series, I cannot tell you enough that you should try out this game. The story is amazingly in depth and interesting, the gameplay is fun and has yet to get boring for me, and the sheer amount of non-story stuff to do is vast and will only be getting bigger as DLC comes out."

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acronkyoung2268d ago

Man, reviews of this game are so divided. One of those games you're really just going to have to try for yourself I guess.

iamtehpwn2268d ago

This is one of the first games I've ever seen get 9's and 5's. In my personal opinion, it's a huge step up from XIII, and everything that XIII should've been gameplay wise.

Son_Lee2268d ago

I enjoyed FFXIII more overall. I'm at the end of FFXIII-2 with no desire to beat it, so I'm selling it.

gamernova2268d ago

Reminds me of Rage scores.