All Playstation Move Bundles Up To 50% Off (Includes Resistance 3) At EB Games/ Gamestop Canada

If you’ve been hesitant to pick up a Playstation Move Bundle (ie. the Resistance 3 bundle which includes the game, nav controller, move controller, PS Eye, and sharpshooter) EB Games/ Gamestop Canada has put that bundle on sale, as well as every other Move Bundle you can think of.

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TrendyGamers2324d ago

Pretty good deals if you're in the market for a PS move and want a game to go along with it.

ABizzel12324d ago

Why the [email protected]$# are the Canadian Gamestops having this incredible sales, but the US continues to suck balls.

cpayne932324d ago

I gotta say, this is tempting. Not only do I want some move games, but I already have some move compatible games I wouldn't mind trying with the move.

TrendyGamers2324d ago

Which one would you go for? Personally I think the Resistance 3 one is the best deal.

cpayne932324d ago

I think so too, but I already have R3, so I would probably just go for the regular move bundle. Unfortunately, I won't be going for any of them because I only just now noticed it says Canada. XP Oh well lol I live in the U.S. Hopefully they'll have a deal over here at some point.

FalconR2892324d ago

No its in the United States as well. I was at my local best buy and they had the Resistance 3 move bundle for $75 I would of bought it if I had the money.

banjadude2323d ago

EB Games (Canada) usually has a deal on buy 2 MOVE games for the price of one.
It's great! So far, I've gotten about 4 games. Would have liked to snag all 8, but... money is tight.

Newsman2324d ago

There is a reason they are on sale, nice find.