Jaffe: “The shoot my truck promo is NOT FAKE”

For those whom are calling David Jaffe a liar for the recent ad spot that was released today by saying that this will never happen. Well, you guessed wrong.

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jc485732021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

why is this guy so real? Sigh...maybe I need to start a family.

turokgames2021d ago

And a game company, the more the merrier!

ChiVoLok02020d ago

It would be better if you got a paid trip to actually use the gun in person not remotely.

NewMonday2020d ago

Using live rounds is a danger, potential lawsuits


Even blank firing can be dangerous to people who doesn't know how to operate a gun. Of course they won't hand over real weapons to anyone just because of a game promotion.

MsclMexican2020d ago

You guys can sign up for it still.

Im shooting on tuesday


thedude442021d ago

it should have been a superbowl ad.

turokgames2021d ago

Best...superbowl ad...ever.

thedude442021d ago

and bingo was his name oh

Nitrowolf22021d ago

Jezus F'n christ can you imagine how huge this would have been? This commercial I f'n awesome

GamerSciz2021d ago

I already signed up via Facebook and Pre-ordered the game. Bring on the Sick and Twisted!