Loot Ninja's 2007 Console of the Year

It is that time of the year where Loot Ninja must pick a superlative in every gaming category we can think of. In this instance, Loot Ninja has decided to pick the Best Console of 2007. The prerequisites were what gamers would expect. Details like quality of games, online experience, system performance, availability, as well as user friendliness.

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THAMMER13746d ago

The 360 is the best console of the year when sum it all up.

Details like quality of games, online experience, system performance, availability, as well as user friendliness. This is what makes the 360 the best option. Ever since the added the new skus with HDMI the RROD has started to fade. All it would take is a price drop arond the time GTA4 is released.

drunkpandas3746d ago

The games lineup and online component of the 360 was hands down the best for any console this year

toughNAME3746d ago

as soon as I saw that in the description I knew which console got it

lynx1halo3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

What a joke, he should have made a whole category for reliability, Graphical specs, Add on price for the same features of PS3, ...about the only thing he RIGHTLY STATED was "Xbox Live has a lot higher audience however, and that can be attributed to it being around longer"
Their only advantage is time........Which they are quickly running out of.......PS3 TAKES THE CROWN

ReBurn3746d ago

Specs as a category? What a joke. Specs are useless without software to follow through on them. In a year we haven't seen specs make a difference at all. The Wii has the lowest specs and is selling like hotcakes with some of the most fun games currently available. The PS3 has the best specs out there and so far has not been able to best the 360.

As owner of all 3 platforms, I have to agree with the article. The PS3 is rapidly catching up, but so far it is not the best experience going.

BIoodmask3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

choice for the Xbox 360 voted best console of the year based on these key points from the article.

-Games selection: "Halo 3 is a reason", " Gears of War sold a ton of units", "BioShock, enough said. Most of the EA Sports games run at a full 60 fps as opposed to 30 fps on PS3."

-Online: "XBL is pretty much superior in many ways", "The friends list, messaging, and integration across all games; XBL is just ahead of everyone else. Especially when GTA4 drops and there will be exclusive content for Xbox 360. Expect some general disdain when that happens. The PS3 Home feature is very cool, but not enough to ebb the tide."

-Intangibles: "Backwards Compatibility is basically a push on this one. The list for the Xbox 360 has grown exponentially and the PS3 can handle pretty much anything. The lack of BC on the 40 gb PS3 hurts though."

-Final Word: "the Xbox 360 takes the crown"

Overall a very well written article that provides key evidence for the choices Loot Ninja made for all categories that are listed.

titntin3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Dam! Another completely reasonable response that I have to agree with.
If I could split the year up into the last 3 months, then maybe PS3 would have edged it for me, but the games and the acceptable price point came too late in the year for it to win this years crown.

Looking over the year, the 360 has had the best selection of titles over all and desrves the accolades. It looks like this might change next year, but for now, you can only agree with the guys well reasoned article.

HarryEtTubMan3746d ago

Yea but it wont be next yaer and beyond I GUARANTEE YOU THAT! (I have one I just REALLY like my PS3 the best!) Enjoy 2007 while u have it!hahaha

fe103746d ago

Yeath, the 360 has the games.

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The story is too old to be commented.