Jaffe Stars in His Own F***ing Twisted Metal Ad, Lets You Remotely Shoot a Real Truck

Most publishers would be scared to give the trouble-attracting Jaffe a podium to speak on, but not Sony. Like us, they love his potty mouthed craziness, and have indulged him with his very own Twisted Metal ad – that lets you remotely control a gun to shoot a real truck.

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LOGICWINS2351d ago

Not planning on buying this game, but this vid is awesome!

LoaMcLoa2351d ago

Totally buying this game, but this vid is awesome!

ShoryukenII2351d ago

This is the greatest ad I've ever seen. It makes me want to buy this game.

NiKK_4192351d ago

I JUST it on YouTube as an ad.

Solid_Snake372351d ago

You should it will be AWESOME!

LOGICWINS2351d ago

No thanks. I played the demo and I didn't like it. Hope that you enjoy though :)

RioKing2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

I have to agree with logic on this one. I played the demo with a completely open mind...and was disappointed. It's just not my thang. But I also hope people will enjoy the game, buy it, and support the developers.

frostypants2351d ago

Well, it plays like all Twisted Metal games, so yeah...if you don't like the series, there's no reason why you'd like this.

I love the feel of it. Give it a chance. The problem most people have when they first play a Twisted Metal game is how loose the cars feel. Once you get used to it, it's total crack.

Christopher2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

And now for the safe for primetime TV version.

*beep* shoot *beep* lots of bullets *beep* you know you want to.

Edit: And while this is great marketing for the game, it won't make me buy the game at release. Might buy it down the road.

Tarantino_Life2351d ago

If you expect marketing to make you buy the game or if marketing sometimes makes you buy the game then you prob must be some casual gamer who knows nothing about the game....

LOGICWINS2351d ago

This is a great ad...but the demo will be a turn off for many. TM's controls take a lot of getting used to as it is and ON TOP of that, the A.I was amped up in the demo. That was an idiot move right there.

The difficulty is what frustrated a lot of people...and now the uninformed are going to think that the final game will be just like the demo (A.I constantly on your ass).

TM will be lucky if it does Resistance 3 numbers when it releases.

doctorstrange2351d ago

@Logic I think Jaffe said they were patching in different controls

Christopher2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

***If you expect marketing to make you buy the game or if marketing sometimes makes you buy the game then you prob must be some casual gamer who knows nothing about the game....***

I think you made a poor leap in logic with that statement. My comment was in regards to liking the marketing but sharing that it hasn't changed my mind.

Marketing is a strong tool in making people buy games, but it also doesn't have to be something like this. Call of Duty's Elite system was a marketing tool for the game, essentially offering and showing a dedication to providing DLC over a length of time that helped others to come to the conclusion that they would want CoD, for example. It's marketing of the game and its features in a manner that will help people to become more informed of the product.

I made the comment I did because while the ad is pretty good as an ad, it failed to tell me, personally, anything new that would make me want to play the game at this time. That doesn't mean that it's not possible to have an ad that would tell people a lot more about the game and help them to change their minds about whether or not they would buy said game.

There are times in which a well marketed game, usually one that shows me something completely new with it, does flip me over from undecided to buying the game.

Furthermore, I fail to see how if some marketing (an extremely wide opening statement there) entices me to buy a product that that somehow makes me a casual gamer who knows nothing of the game. What I know about the game now has made me not buy the game, which would show my knowledge of the game and not as a general casual gamer.

***TM will be lucky if it does Resistance 3 numbers when it releases.***

I'm not going to even act as if I have a clue on how it will do at release. I know the series has done poor in comparison to many others (only 5m sold after 7 or so games), but there is a love for this game and what Jaffe has done and it has been getting more recognition than the past games.

This is one of those where I'm going to have to wait and see how it goes.

LOGICWINS2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

^^Will the demo be patched with these new controls as well? The issue is, you only get ONE chance to make a first impression. Unless people see the improvements in the demo, there impressions won't change. People aren't going to pay $60 to see if the issues with the demo MAY have been fixed.

A demo is supposed to make you want to buy a game, not make you hope that the full game will fix the myriad of the demo's problems.

@cgoodno- Yeah, but I'm calling it. With Mass Effect 3 around the corner and that horrid demo, I don't see it doing particularly well saleswise.

AusRogo2351d ago Show
Ducky2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )


Thing is, those problems are mostly issues for newcomers to the series.

The default controls are similar to those in previous games (there are options to change them, but I've stuck with the default) and the difficulty is similar to TM:Black's.
The demo probably could've used a difficulty setting, but if you want dumbed-down AI, then just play online. =p
(If the game lets you play online that is)

dead_eye2351d ago Show
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thedude442351d ago

thanks for sharing logic. day 1 for me.

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dbjj120882351d ago

I wouldn't say he's my hero, but he's definitely one of the industry's more entertaining characters.

ChiVoLok02351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

My mother is my hero. Jaffe is still awesome-possum though.

decimalator2351d ago

OMFG, i went from not interested to TOTALLY interested in this game with one ad. Well done Jaffe.

thedude442351d ago

they should have put this as a superbowl ad.

solidworm2351d ago

Jaffe is completely awesome.

smashcrashbash2351d ago

Sweet Tooth isn't going to like this.

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