Five PC games that should come to Wii U

Minecraft, Skyrim and more - here are five PC games ONM would like to see on Wii U

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Theo11302202d ago

The Wii U controller could be used as a map.

Shackdaddy8362202d ago (Edited 2202d ago )

As an avid rts and tbs gamer, i really hope the next total war game or the next civ game will come to the wiiu. Before, i always knew regular console controlers woulndnt do these types of games well(because of the lack of buttons and having to select particular units on the field) but this screen controller on the wiiu would basically eliminate that problem. You can move with the analog sticks and change the camera, select units and have your management buttons all on the touch screen, and set hot-keys with the rest of the buttons.

I usually like to relax while playing tbs games so having this available on the wiiu so i can kick-back on the couch would be wonderful.

dinkeldinkse2202d ago

Just to see how broken it would end up being.

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