Testing Out LightBox's Starhawk

GamingUnion: "LightBox Interactive and Sony have been slowly kicking up the gears on Starhawk, the spiritual successor to the popular 2007 team-objective-based third person shooter Warhawk, with a closed beta and the forthcoming open beta which takes off later this month. Closed beta participants, PlayStation Plus subscribers and the legion of Uncharted 3 owners should already have early access to the public beta, but for those waiting on February 22, here's a little taste of what to expect."

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2171d ago
plumber152171d ago

Iam excited to get this game in may . It wasn't on my list of games this year partly because i use to have warhawk and hated it , but this game has elements that I really enjoy . Starhawk and twisted metal are cost to my wallet that I was unaware of at the start of 2012.

younglj012171d ago

Starhawk is freaking awesome.I played the Warhawk online demo a couple of times.But Warhawk is not this fun.I love building walls on the fly.Even though its only 2 maps they are very fun and different.Jet packs are are so much fun.

In sudden death I bomb rush the enemy base & jumped out.Then turned my jet pack on killed 2 ppl got the flag jumped in Razorback and went flying towards my base.Scored with 5 seconds left it was so awesome.Congrats Lightbox this is a awesome games hope you great your respect for this one and I will be buying me a couple in May....

BitbyDeath2171d ago

Update 1.3 will give us a new map, new vehicle and new weapons.
We are currently at 1.28 so it should not be long to go now. XD

younglj012171d ago

Wow so when does the beta ends bc I just realized that my UC3 code was active.

BitbyDeath2171d ago

I don't think it has an end date as yet... at least to my knowledge.