What Nintendo's 2011 sales mean for Wii U, third parties

In his latest Behind the Numbers column, Gamasutra analyst Matt Matthews looks at what the future holds for Wii U, Nintendo's existing platforms, and third-party publishers by analyzing 2011's DS/3DS/Wii software sales

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Titanz2205d ago

You got to accredit the Wii for performing these amazing "magic tricks" with sales (inside joke: the Wii's been classified as a, "dead console").

Stacking up on my collection of wii software, it play on my future Nintendo gaming console.

Knight_Cid2205d ago

Nothing meaning third parties will support the most popular systems regardless of sales of other things

The wii will pass 100 mill by next year. Thats due to exclusive software and nothing else.

mike1up2205d ago


I wish I lived in your magical reality where money means absolutely nothing.

I think that it's obvious that it means "something" for the WiiU. How many times has Nintendo mentioned the 3DS launch when refering to the WiiU? When was the 3DS launched? 2011.

When was the WiiU announced? 2011. So if I am a 3rd party developer thinking about the WiiU, what year might I look at? 2011!

Knight_Cid2205d ago

what I was saying is the sales of nintendos own games have no impact on 3rd parties

dark-hollow2205d ago

man, nintendo gotta advertise the console itself a little bit!
the controller got more coverage than the console itself!
hell, sometimes i forget how this thing looks like.

jc485732205d ago

heheheh, console doesn't look that any different from Wii.

Animals_as_Leaders2205d ago

Nothing wrong with that.

The Wii was a great looking console.

yabhero2205d ago

its got more curves lol

mcstorm2205d ago

I think nintendo have a lot of work to do to make people want there console for 3rd party games. I own all 3 consoles but because of how xbox live works this is my console choice for 3rd party games. If nintendo can make a network like xbox live then i may look at the wiiu as my 3rd party console but if its not as good as xbox live then ill carry on as i am and pick the wiiu up for nintendo games.

BitbyDeath2205d ago

It looks like the controller is bigger than the console!?

Titanz2205d ago

That's exactly what "she" said :P

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