New lip synch tech to revolutionize motion capture

Speech Graphics aims to change the way game developers motion-capture faces. Soon, characters will be able to animate automatically based on what they're saying, regardless of language.

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Pandamobile2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

According to the article, SWTOR cost 200 billion dollars to make.

"SW:TOR, which contains 260,000 lines of voiced dialogue in three languages, reportedly cost nearly $200,000 million to develop."

darthv722349d ago

as a side question. What if such advancements in programming were applied to existing camera tech. For instance the kinect. That way you could be playing an MMORPG (if there will be one for kinect) and talking to your online friends your ingame character actually mouthed what you said.

I know the kinect camera isnt really the same type of camera for mocap but with the right software it could be one step closer to doing that at home. If not the existing kinect then perhaps the kinect 2.

hkgamer2349d ago

Think kinect would be amazing for mmorpg... maybe small movements like waving or celebrating...
Think that "Second Life" would definitely benefit from having kinect features.


Yeah, I just hate it when people don't know how to write numbers properly...
Maybe he was using Nigerian Dollars?

barefootgamer2349d ago

Yikes! Thanks for catching that. It should be fixed now.

roblef2349d ago

I think the Elder Scrolls folks should be the first to pick this up.

8-Bit Jay2349d ago

Yeah, when I play those Bethesda games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls, the weird facial expressions kind of take me out. Still great games, just funky-looking characters.

barefootgamer2349d ago

Hey, they wouldn't be Bethesda games if the characters weren't ugly and looked like barely animated cardboard. :p

And I say that out of <3 for Bethesda and their games.

Sadie21002349d ago

LA Noire kinda spoiled me on motion capture. Going back and playing Mass Effect looked horrible by comparison. I wonder how good this new tech will really be.

lethalsilicong52349d ago

hmm. this could be something i can get into

Nakerman2349d ago

I find realistic facial expressions scarier than rubbish ones...

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