New Dead or Alive 5 Screenshots Revealed

A couple of new Dead or Alive 5 screenshots have landed here at Electronic Theatre, having come straight from the source. Rather than coming via the European publisher of the videogame, Tecmo Koei Europe, these latest images have come from the developers at Team Ninja themselves.

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Veneno2299d ago

DOA is the fighting franchise I play for fun and not really for competition. Its the only fighting game I love to play for its single player. I can't say that for any other series. The story is wacky and hilarious yet entertaining.

dang its been what 6 years since DOA 4 back in 2006? That's a long time so I'm thinking Tecmo is putting alot of work into this to make it awesome. I can't wait !!!

DasTier2299d ago

DOA 4 was my first 360 game, you've made me feel old by telling me its a 6 year old game :(

Reibooi2299d ago

Unless that is part of a outfit on Hitomi it looks like they are gonna have damage to the character models as it looks like her arm is all bruised and beaten. That's pretty cool. They really are trying to distance themselves from the older DOA and doing something that likely never would have been done with Itagaki at the helm.

Looks great I can't wait to play it. It's been far to long since the last real DOA.