My Dark Souls Patch 1.06 Wishlist

Trendy Gamers: Last month a number of Dark Souls fans got together and requested a new update for the game along with a list of changes they would like to see implemented. They make a number of great suggestions, and so I truly wish them luck. In the meantime, I’ve compiled a wish list of what I feel are the most important things to add to a Dark Souls Patch 1.06.

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TrendyGamers2350d ago

Bringing back the Broken English would be pretty fun.

Mister_G2350d ago

Yes, Four Kings can be very hard, but I like that.

It makes you think, try new stragies and weapons you might never have tried otherwise.

Same with Bed of Chaos.... yes, the sweeping arm is powerful and can kill you easily, but use a different strategy. Walk around the edges of the room and shoot the balls using arrows, and then go for the middle.

With a tag-line of "Prepare to die" they had to make it difficult :)