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The last we saw of mob-boss-to-be Jackie Estacado, he had been taken over by the Darkness, an evil demon force that uses a pair of monstrous limbs to do the bidding of whoever possesses it. But somehow, Jackie has managed to contain this presence within himself, despite the fact he’s never forgiven it for holding him back while the true love of his life, Jenny, was murdered by a corrupt official. But aside from keeping this force at bay, Jackie has bigger problems. Along with maintaining the status quo of his crime family (while keeping them alive, natch), he suddenly finds himself contending with a vicious psycho named Victor, who heads the Brotherhood.

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UltimaEnder2174d ago

Love the new art style...

gamesR4fun2174d ago

ya its one of the nicest Ive seen and quad wielding looks like its going to rule

heads up tho the games super short 6-8 for the sp and another 2h for the co op

Im gonna rent cause it will save me 50$ too bad they didn't pack in a solid competitive online.

h311rais3r2174d ago

Do us all a favor and buy it so we get darkness 3! It's short on mobster but don is hard and it has new game + so u need Atleast 2 playthroughs to max level.