OXM: Six great games they almost ruined

OXM UK: "What do you do if your game's going wrong? Do you just bitch about it by the water cooler, or does someone slam on the brakes? Here are six games that saved themselves by changing direction..."

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Lord_Sloth2296d ago

I actually liked the un-kept look of Fisher in the early concepts. He LOOKED like a man who'd lost everything!

The finished product, while good, was a huge step back for the series, trading out the very tactical stealth of the originals for a cover to cover based shooter with stealth elements.

despair2296d ago

yea, conviction was a letdown, it was fun but mindless, after about half hour of taking my time to sneak I realised it was soo much easier to just run in and kill everyone. Short as well.

h311rais3r2296d ago

It was good. Great even but they shouldn't have called it splinter cell:conviction. Just conviction and not have it relate to sc...I miss chaos theory days now! Thanks!

omi25p2296d ago

Splinter cell conviction was awful. Awful awful awful, Im a huge fan of all the other splinter cells and this one just murdered them.

sonicsidewinder2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Honestly liked the original idea of SC:Conviction more than what we got. It made sense for the story.

But the gameplay looked too much like Assassins creed. Blending etc.

What we got in the end was a shitty concession to imbiciles who don't like splinter cell. Thanks ubisoft. Goons.