Skyrim Creation Kit: User Mods Belong To Bethesda

NowGamer: Skyrim Creation Kit EULA waives gamers' rights to user-generated content.

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--Onilink--2167d ago

dont see why not, it would become a legal mess if anyone could claim ownership of something modded, especially when so many mods are the same, and most importantly, you couldnt even do the real, big ass mods without the creation kit, which bethesda gives for free.. so yeah i dont mind if they keep ownership when they are allowing gamers to make their own DLC and distribute for free

SnakeCQC2167d ago

so bethesda takes claim to peoples work? imagine if bethesda released a verion of skyrim in two years time that is pre modded with several mods that vastly improve sound weather graphics etc and they profit from it dothe creators who worked hard get anything? very doubtful

--Onilink--2167d ago

you do realize that people wouldnt be able to make the real mods (not upgraded textures,etc) without the creation kit, which bethesda gives for FREE...i doubt we would get many big mods if people had to pay to get the creation kit. Also the fact that they give the creators a place to upload their creations with Steam workshop for FREE as well, and let users download any of those mods for FREE... there are mods in Oblivion bigger than most games... so why dont we praise them for all the things they are giving us for free instead of complaining about hypothetical scenarios...

Enigma_20992167d ago

If the kit is FREE, then you have to decide if giving up all rights to what you create is worth it. If you were paying for the kit, then I could understand people getting upset.

Somebody2167d ago

"you do realize that people wouldnt be able to make the real mods (not upgraded textures,etc) without the creation kit"


The problem here is how it will effect the modders if Bethesda decides to use some features (gameplay or graphical add ons) from mods. Yes, it's nice for Bethesda to release a creation kit but claiming everything that modders have made for themselves without any compensation is a very shifty move.

Imagine a mod team painstakingly made a beautiful singleplayer mod that became a hit. According to EULA, Bethesda have the right to take that same mod, polish it up and sell it as premium DLCs for the consoles. Without the need to pay the original mod team.

Yes it's Bethesda's game and creation kit but the ideas are wholly owned by the modders (until they put their ideas into the creation kit, that is).

TheGameFoxJTV2166d ago

@Somebody, the GTA 4 mods aren't true mods. They are stupid simple scripts that run alongside the game, they aren't true mods. you can't mod the game unless R* releases a true mod tool. If you have no idea what you're talking about, please, refrain from entering the conversation. also, they didn't HAVE to make the tools at all, and they own the tool, and we don't even pay for them. So how the hell can we own anything that's 100% their property?

SnakeCQC2166d ago

ice enchancer 2.0 says hello that is a complete overhaul!

majiebeast2167d ago

Fuck off Bethesda so if someone makes a mod ala Dota or counterstrike then bethesda automaticly owns it and they can screw over the creators of the mod.

Takoulya2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

You do understand that Defence of the Ancients is copyrighted by Blizzard, and Valve therefore can't use many things such as names of certain units and the name of the mod itself? This is a standard procedure in games. Any company would want to avoid any potential use of their game to make profits for people without their consent.

CandyCaptain2167d ago

There is a plus side, I think. If you were to be sued for making a mod of Copywrited material, one would think you'd be free from liability. Mainly cause they assume ownership over all that is made. If that's the case then they almost doing the user a favor.

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