Star Wars: Battlefront 3 Has Lightsabers, Shooting, Stealth - Rumour

Star Wars: Battlefront sequel rumoured to be in development at Californian studio Spark Unlimited.

Published on Feb 7, 2012
Star Wars: Battlefront 3, LucasArts' long-rumoured, yet-to-be-announced sequel in the action-adventure series could be in development at Spark Unlimited and feature a combination of sword, shooting and stealth combat according to various hints around the net.

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MRHARDON2323d ago

If it doesnt have at least lighsabers, it isnt a star wars game.

Its like having Call of Duty without guns.

NewZealander2323d ago

weather on not it has lightsabers is the least of its problems, if this game is being made by spark then you have to wonder if it will even be playable.

megacowdung2322d ago

Is spark really that bad?

NewZealander2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

yeah mega they are that bad, on metacritic legendary scores 47/100 turning point is 43/100 and COD finest hour scored better with 76/100, but overall they are a rubbish company, i dont believe anyone would trust them to make a starwars game.

TENTONGUN2323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

lightsabers rock man. and where the hell is our new jedi outcast game? seriously those were the best sw games. and why force unleashed? could have spent development time and money on something better

CrimsonEngage2323d ago

If this is some sort of sick joke i swear someone will pay! I NEED SWBF3. I throw my money at the screen, yet nothing is happening!

Kinger89382323d ago

Half these rumors are just people stating the obvious on what will be included if the game is being made either way glad its being talked about!

vickers5002323d ago

Lightsabers AND shooting? Meagaton

Ilovetheps42323d ago

Oh please let these rumors be true. I want another console Battlefront. These games were so much fun when I played them a while back. I still pull them out and play them every once in a while.

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