NGB: Catherine Review

In a generation that has been flooded with sequels and first-person shooter clones, the release of Catherine is much welcome breath of fresh air. Atlus has masterfully managed to merge genres that have no right to work together, flaunting the end result in all our faces. It’s a game that’s so ridiculously challenging and rewarding, you might think you’re back in the glorious 90′s. If it wasn’t for the ill thought out unlocking method and slightly awkward 3D controls, Catherine would’ve been worthy of an astounding 10/10. As is stands, the consolation prize isn’t too bad…

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Kyosuke_Sanada2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I'm glad to see positive reviews rolling in which I hope influence people to at least give this title a shot. Atlus are one of the very few developers this generation that hasn't fallen to the wayside in quality and fan support. More people need to support them.......

NGB2348d ago

Definitely, Catherine is wonderful game with immense charm and a truly captivating story. As you can tell by our review, we wholeheartedly recommend a purchase.