Final Fantasy XIII-2 so close, yet so far | QTT Review

QTT writes: "It all comes down to where the game is taking me. If there’s no payoff — or, as is the case here, if the payoff is hidden behind such a clot of unavoidable tedium that it ultimately overwhelms how much I care about reaching that payoff — then hasn’t the game failed? The balancing act for any game designer is to make me care in proportion to the challenge level you throw at me. And given how close I must be to the end, and how little I care to push on, Final Fantasy XIII-2 ultimately fails."

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Coogi2203d ago

The only thing that fails are the review people that use a 1-5 stars for reviews.

Try harder...also sounds like a hardcore wrpg fan.

Knight_Cid2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

he is so bias its coming out of his nostrils

the games been getting more scores between 8-9.5 than kingdom of A got. BUT ALOT MORE TROLLING SCORES of 5 or less for trolling sake

Kos-Mos2203d ago

The characters are too beautiful for western eyes. Because we all know that western game developers can`t create good looking characters.

nolifeking2203d ago

I do have to call foul on these reviews. Aren't these more in line with what the original should have received? The new scores would have made much more sense to me.