Skyrim: The amazing bits you didn't see... but that still might come as DLC

After Skyrim was finished, Bethesda had an extra internal week of development with one rule only: 'anything goes'. For seven days, the development team were allowed to create anything at all and put it in the game. The results of this 'Game Jam Week' have finally been shown off and we're amazed. Firstly at how good some of this stuff would be, but also that it wasn't put in the final build.

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Emilio_Estevez2325d ago

Last one is the best. And spears

-Gespenst-2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Freakin Spears! I've always wished they's put Spears in TES. Werewolf Skill tree would give more reason for actually sticking as a werewolf, and the seasonal thing would be sooo good for immersion. Also kill cams for bows would be super sweet.

However, it kind of seems that if you were to ride a dragon, the game would have a nightmare trying to load everything. Maybe on some highend PC it'd work, but not on consoles. The house thing would be kind of cool, but I'd imagine there'd be set sites for building them, which would sort of suck.

That mudcrab though... that actually freaks me out haha.

BraveToaster2324d ago

"I've always wished they's put Spears in TES."
I take it you haven't been playing TES games for very long...

-Gespenst-2324d ago

Well I played Morrowind a bit but plan to play it properly soon. Played Oblivion completely, and obviously they're not in Skyrim. I suppose they're in Morrowind then are they? I couldn't care less about the original two.

Snookies122324d ago

Giant mudcrab for the win!! They should have put that, house building, seasonal weather, and the kill cams in for sure...