Gamesradar: 10 hard-to-find classics that deserve a second chance

Good games can be hard to find, especially if they’re more than a few years old. Maybe they’re out of print and sell for $200 on eBay. Maybe they won’t work on modern systems. With services like the Virtual Console, PSOne Classics, Game Room, Steam, Good Old Games and disc-based compilations, plenty of old favorites have become easily playable on modern hardware, but there are still plenty of games out there that have simply fallen through the cracks, making them painfully difficult (and in some cases ridiculously expensive) to play now. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth your attention.

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Emilio_Estevez2350d ago

Nights and Panzer are both overrated imo, even though I own all of them. Remaking them might kill their value depending on how it's done.

CadDad2350d ago

Cool article, brought back some memories of games in the closet.

I'll probably bust out the Saturn tonight so my son can play Nights and Christmas Nights. (he's 8)

Moncole2350d ago

Earthbound is a great game but I read Nintendo can put it on the VC because the songs

Psycho_Mantis2350d ago

Snatcher...that game cost me an arm and a leg last year.
$251...yes you read that right...was it worth it?


Tommy3342349d ago

Zombies ate my neighbors please make a sequel this was the original zombie game with water guns