Gamers XTREME - Soul Calibur V Review (PS3/360)

Gamers Xtreme: "Soul Calibur V is the best installment since Soul Calibur II, hands down. The combat system is more balanced and accessible since its predecessor, the creation system is more robust and the online has been entirely restructured, providing one of the best fighting experiences over the net. If you weren’t crazy about the Soul Calibur franchise before, it still may not be your cup of tea. For fighting enthusiasts and Soul Calibur fans, this is an excellent installment that vastly improves upon the issues of it’s predecessor. Is it worth purchasing though? Most of the game can be experienced as a rental but if you aim to unlock every piece of customization equipment and play online extensively, then you may want to consider purchasing it."

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VTKC2353d ago

shouldnt this game be a 5.8?
I mean after the amount of moves and characters that have been removed. And lack of story and endings for characters.
changing the fight mechanics of unlimited Deflect and repel to ONLY repel and at the expense of a bar but adding a guard break? so a defensive players and slow characters cant even use block safely of retaliate ones predictable oncoming attack so eventually losing inevitably because of the new implemented guard break when all those blue lightening attacks were the purpose of breaking guard in the first place?
I am a fan of the Soul Edge/Soul Blade/ Soul Calibur series. I was really really looking forward to this installment, but unfortunately I am shocked and dissapointed to say Soul Calibur 5 really sucks compared to 4.
Its like Tekken 4 all over again.