Here's why love should find a way into more video games

Josh Kegly:
"When my character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim found the woman he was going to spend the rest of his digital life with, wooing her was as simple as going on a quest to retrieve her long-lost sword from a dangerous cave."

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Snookies122348d ago

Eh, just play the Japanese dating sims lol!

Vortex3D2348d ago

For adventure/story driven games, introduce love and romance makes the characters relationship more interesting. But if it's scripted with no input from the player, is it any fun?

Example, Uncharted doesn't let the player to have any kind of input how Drake's love interest develops. It scripted and just there. Personally, I find it boring because being a game, I like to have input in each area. What is ND so afraid about letting the player control the relationship, break their tightly scripted and polished narrative? Being a game, that's also part of the fun having the option to do it.

Games like Dragon Age gives the player control over the character relationships.