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Despite featuring some gorgeous visuals and mind-blowing effects, there’s nothing beneath the exotic exterior, nothing to make you want to explore the game fully, or to return for the 50 hours or so of plodding gameplay.

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360GamerFG2266d ago

Is there any hope left for this franchise? They need to put it to rest

xXxSeTTriPxXx2266d ago

is there any hope for this review?...another disgruntled ff fan of old with a vengeance...

Tanir2266d ago

exactly, im so sick of the hate already meanwhile everyone keeps playin their battlefields, COD's and halo's

PamPoovey2266d ago

"exactly, im so sick of the hate already meanwhile everyone keeps playin their battlefields, COD's and halo's "

What has Halo/COD/Battlefield got to do with how crap FF13/-2 is ?

I don't play much on FPS and but I can say after playing on both of them, they are bad.

Wolfbiker2266d ago

Sure, just scroll down a bit and you can read a positive review...some people love this game, some people don't...I did, it has been my favorite since X. Its not all doom and gloom for Final Fantasy.

Knight_Cid2266d ago

What needs to be given a rest is trolls. Like you and the review writer.

The game has been getting fantastic scores of 90 percent in the 7.5-9.5 range

And then the troll scores

Blastoise2266d ago

Good review, though saying Final fantasy VI was the series at its best is a matter of opinion. I prefer IX myself

VileAndVicious2266d ago

Yes ix and tactics are my favorites. Though some might not consider tactics a true game in the series.

Zynga2266d ago

>_> Another troll review. "Sigh" play the game for yourself ppl because its way better than XIII.

VileAndVicious2266d ago


So I take it you haven't actually played the game...its actually not bad and it certainly doesn't deserve a 55. Movie tie in games like Thor or toy story get 50's not this. I didn't like 13 all but I can at least admit 13-2 is way better than the first.

Knight_Cid2266d ago (Edited 2266d ago )

i am sick of these troll reviews

The site gave koA a 70 too.........