Nike "Black History Month" Pack available now in NBA 2K12

A title update for NBA 2K12 just dropped today and it includes a brand new set of Nike kicks for fans to enjoy in the game. For the first time anywhere, you can now rock the Nike LeBron 9, the Nike Zoom Kobe 7 and the Nike Zoom KD IV in their "Black History Month" colorways. Paying tribute to some of the greatest squad ever assembled, such as the 1996 Team USA Women's Basketball team, this year's Black History Month collection is symbolized by the quilt-like design found on several elements of each shoe.

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E2S2264d ago

so black history month equates to new sneakers, huh?

That ain't right.

MySwordIsHeavenly2264d ago

Why is there no white history month?

nolifeking2264d ago

Because that's usually called "HISTORY", you may have heard of it.

MySwordIsHeavenly2264d ago

I'm not sure if that's racist or not...

MadMax2264d ago ShowReplies(3)
MySwordIsHeavenly2263d ago

Btw, guys...

I'm black.

I think it's completely racist that there is a black history month and not a white history month.

We went through slavery. Let me rephrase that. Our ANCESTORS went through slavery. We get into better colleges, get better jobs, etc. BECAUSE our ancestors suffered.

I have to go with Bill Cosby on this one. Black people aren't helping themselves, so why should everyone else?

gotgame19852264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

folks please don't let this start any racial tension, It's 2012, Time to look pass color.

bahabeast2264d ago

gotgame1985 your rite man wtf we all gamers thats how we unite here i thut was just gonna tlk about these kikcks man, im gonna beat 2k12 bad today :D

Young_ART2264d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.