UGO: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles review

Fans of Capcom's Resident Evil series have quite awhile to wait before the next true installment, which likely won't see a release until 2009. How fortunate for them then that Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles arrives on the Nintendo Wii to fill the gap for them, both literally and figuratively. Rather than forging ahead with a new narrative, Umbrella Chronicles revisits familiar settings from past games in the series as it relates the story of the nefarious Umbrella Corporation's downfall. There's just one catch. The game is an on-rails light gun-style shooter designed for the Wii Zapper with only slightly more depth than one would expect to find in a coin-op arcade machine.

UGO gives Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles an overall rating of B-. Review by Adam Rosenberg.

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