1up: How Vita Can Avoid The PSP's Fate

Read the latest in portable gaming news, and you might think it's 2005 all over again -- but not quite. Though Sony's higher-priced-and-powered piece of tech is once again up against a Nintendo product with a retail head-start, the former handheld doesn't seem like the destined winner this time around. For Vita, competition is stiff: Nintendo's 3DS took only eight months to match the shaky first year of DS sales, and, unlike the PSP's early days, the smartphone market currently provides a multitude of cheaper options for gaming on the go (not to mention multimedia features matching Sony's offerings). And while Vita's hardware fixes many of the PSP's flaws, power alone won't win this arms race; instead, Sony will have to rely on strategies beyond pushing the HD angle.

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Knight_Cid2326d ago

80 million units sold. A library of amazing exclusives from all genres

I wish the vita would meet the psp's fate

trouble_bubble2326d ago

No kidding. Sucker sold more than both XBoxes and the PS3. What fate?

Press just wants something new to bark about since the 3DS made them all eat major crow after they all declared it dead on arrival. One price cut later, and Nintendo's laughing again.

"Nintendo's 3DS took only eight months to match the shaky first year of DS sales"

It killed 1up to write that.

IHateYouFanboys2326d ago

yet only sold half as many as its competition, if that.

success is relative. it doesnt matter if you sell 100 million when your direct competition sells 200 million. you lost.

80 million sales is great, but not when you compare it to the DS's sales.

theyve unfortunately already made 3 steps in making the same mistakes as they did with the PSP -

1. proprietary memory cards
2. console-style games instead of portable-style games.
3. no built-in storage

im hoping the Vita turns out to be a huge success and holds its own against the 3DS, because the hardware itself is impressive (apart from battery life).

Knight_Cid2326d ago


I hope your joking because everything you said is either false, generalizations, irrelevant

please leave real discussion to the big boys

MaxXAttaxX2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

So you're saying that because a system did not sell as many units as the competition, regardless of how great 80mill sales is, it's an instant fail?

Get out of here with that.

""2. console-style games instead of portable-style games"" ???
WTF? have you been living under a rock?
Ever since the original GameBoy, handhelds have been trying to make console gaming portable. This was GOOD. Now it's somehow a bad thing?
Not only that, but many PS Vita games make use of the touchscreen, AR and/or other features that a home system like the PS3 can't do. Do your research.

So again, gtfo.

moparful992326d ago

@Fanboys WRONG You are exactly why this whole console war is out of control.. You seem to think its a competition to see who can sell the most.. ITS NOT. Being in business is about making money and selling 80 million units is a tremendous success regardless of what the competition sells...

Also your comment about only having console games and no portable style game is so far off base.. Rayman origins is a perfect pick up and play 2d platformer, access to hundreds of playstation minis, and psn releases like plants vs zombies.. You obviously have no clue about just how well thought out the vita is...

Knight_Cid2326d ago

Not only did it take 8 months to do that in the US. But worldwide it sold more systems than any other this year in 9 months. And its sold more than any nintendo system ever in 9 months.

izumo_lee2326d ago

Yeah i always find it funny that a lot of 'so called' journalists think the PSP is a failure even though it has sold in access of 80 million units. It was Sony's first hand held tackling a market for over 20 years owned by Nintendo.

Many have attempted to knock Nintendo off the top (Sega Game Gear, Atari Lynx, Turbo Xpress etc.) and Sony is the only one still standing. I think that is pretty good, don't you think?

The Vita will be fine, if it unseats Nintendo or not should make no difference if you are a gamer.

LX-General-Kaos2326d ago

The psp was absolutely not a failure. It just got a world class beating from the Nintendo DS. The Vita will also get a beating from the 3Ds but it will do good enough to linger around for another generation.

sikbeta2326d ago

I don't see another Portable Generation from Sony honestly, it's not a good business and you don't know how much tech will evolve by that next portable gen, I think this is the last gen for portables, either Sony comes up with some Xperia + Vita kind of device in the near future or just focus on the Home Console Market

dcortz20272326d ago

The PSP did really well for being Sony's first handheld. Sony learned from their mistakes with the PSP and listened to the fans/consumers by adding many new features to the PS Vita including a second analog stick. The PS Vita has it all from great games to wonderful features, all Sony needs to do is advertise the PS Vita and release games that appeal to all types of gamers everywhere around the globe and they have a winner!

sikbeta2326d ago

Thing is, in this economy and in this time, lots of things changed, Apple is definitely changing the perceived value of electronic devices,
people don't see the need of dedicated gaming devices, because

First is, the money to sustain your gaming needs, $40/$50 per game compared to 0.99 per game in a sea of infinite time wasters :/

Second is, people can play games on tablets and smartphones, so they don't see the need of a dedicated gaming system, they don't factor the graphics, lenght, immersion and all that, a game is a game for them

Third is, the device that only play games, can't do other things, like phone calls or other stuff like tablets and smarphones do, I said it and I repeat it again, people is waiting for a jack of all trades kind of device, if Vita was a phone and did all things I-pad do + play games like it actually does, well that would be more enticing for the masses

moparful992326d ago

@Sik 40-50 a game? There's only one game for the vita right now priced at $40 and thats Uncharted.. The rest are 20-30 and thats for standalone full feature games. There's a world of much cheaper accessible content on the Ps Store. From ps mini's which are basically mostly ported iphone games, there's psn releases like plants vs zombies, flow, flower, everyday shooter etc.

The vita has a slew of high end core content and a large, yet expanding catalog of accessible content already and its not even out in the west yet. You are buying into the media bias and its not a good mentality for our game culture...

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