MW3 Team Deathmatch Tips

I know you guys want to get better at Call of Duty, so check out my newest article with all of the tips you need. Look for more next week

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Unbornkirkster192323d ago

people still play this game? TOL!

TopDudeMan2323d ago

Dude, at least 400K people are still playing this game at any given time (and that's just on ps3). What a weird thing to say.

Unbornkirkster192323d ago

(TOL: troll out loud, which, to the average person is immediately recognizable) didadi!! dont take this shit too seriously buddy, no one gets out alive!

ape0072323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

dude tell me what Rock did u live under the past 3 months

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LuCifer8452323d ago this "article" is just some average gameplay?

jollygoodfellowz2321d ago

The article contains the tips and the video demonstrates the tips in action.