Twisted Metal currently in reviewers’ hands according to Jaffe.

David Jaffe announced via his Twitter that Twisted Metal is now in the hands of pre-release reviewers awaiting initial judgment.

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TalkingTrees2292d ago

And in 4 days this game shall be in my hands! Can't wait to tear cars apart.

rajman2292d ago

I've already got it and Im not a pre-release reviewers =D

mayberry2292d ago

day one amigo! hee hee.... blow stuff UUUPPPPP!

DrDeath2292d ago

why do people always lie and say they already have it? if they had it they would be selling videos online. but nope havnt seen nothing

ethan2292d ago (Edited 2292d ago )

While I'm sure some people lie about having games early, it really isn't rare for others to actually have the game. I had Modnation racers an entire two weeks before release!