PlayStation Vita Game Cases: Surprisingly Odorless

Chris Buffa (Modojo): This may come as somewhat of a shock, but people smell their video games. Not the actual discs and carts per se, but inside the boxes. They'll pop the shrink wrap, crack open the case and take a good long whiff, likely inhaling some sort of toxic chemical.

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ISKREEM2132d ago

Hey now, as a game sniffer (what can I say?) this is news to me!

rezzah2131d ago

I`m a (new) book and car sniffer too.

though it isn`t like I go searching for it, cause that would be weird.

Tito082130d ago

But nobody is going to pay $40 just to smell a case, you know, lol, this Chris Buffa dude is a big joke of a journalists, anybody can become a journalist these days!!!!

ksense2131d ago

this is a smart way by sony to ensure more digital sales :P

Titanz2131d ago

My sentiments, exactly! xD

Game4life2131d ago

but it smells good lo. new things always smell good

PamPoovey2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

Who sniffs their sounds like one of those made up fetishes

dark-hollow2131d ago

hey! i love the smell of a brand new game!

lorianguy2131d ago

True, it's almost as good as the smell of new carpet!

Norad62131d ago

oh yeah. Also the smell of gasoline. Best part of going to the gas station!

tigertron2131d ago

I loved the smell of opening a PS2 game for the first time.

Consoles smell too, I can imagine the smell of my PS3 and 360s to this very day.

TeaDouble_E2131d ago (Edited 2131d ago )

I love new game smell, the first one I remember was when I opened up Ninja Gaiden for Xbox. People love the new car smell and now there's a spray for that too.

solidt122131d ago

the first thing I do when i open a new PS3 game is smell it. no lie.

banjadude2131d ago

It's an ASMR thing... kind of like how people like to hear the popping of bubble wrap, when a game is delivered in that way, etc.

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DG902131d ago

A new game smell is up there with freshly cut grass & freshly baked bread.

TheNocturnus2131d ago

I must admit, I love the smell of a newly opened game. New plastic smells good too.

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The story is too old to be commented.