Games Radar Previews Huxley - MMO meets FPS in this ambitious shooter

Games Radar writes, "There's no place for moonlight walks on the beach in Earth's far future, because the planet's celestial satellite is no more. An unidentified object has demolished the moon, causing earthquakes and tidal waves that ravage the Earth's surface. In the wake of these apocalyptic natural disasters, mankind's struggle for survival splits the species into two rival factions - the "normal" Sapiens and the mutated Alternatives. The war between the estranged sides is the story behind Huxley, Korean developer Webzen's upcoming MMO shooter. We got a chance to playtest both the RPG and shooter elements of Huxley, exploring the massive digital cities and battling both human and AI opponents in deathmatch dungeons."

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wageslave3841d ago

Huxley is going to be another genre-busting ground breaker for Xbox 360. I cant wait.

BIoodmask3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Huxley definately looks really interesting. Kind of a genre hybrid. It will have a lot of replay value also with all of the MMO type gameplay elements.

There was some new footage released form the Korean beta yesterday. For those that missed it, it can be found here.

MK_Red3841d ago

I don't know. I've never liked MMOs and a FPS MMO doesn't sound really exciting to me. Guess I'm a singleplayer gamer to the bone.