Hard Reset: Extended Edition gets its first trailer; coming to the PC in March 9th

DSOGaming writes: "Kalypso Media and Flying Wild Hog today released a gameplay trailer for Hard Reset: Extended Edition, the action-packed FPS slated for a March 2012 release. The new trailer focuses on some of the game’s white-knuckle action that challenges players to blast their way through seemingly endless waves of deadly cybernetic foes in a futuristic landscape."

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Cajun Chicken2355d ago

Looks cool as hell. I really hope Wild Hog put this up as DLC in some form for the original on Steam.

pr0digyZA2355d ago

They said that its free add on to people who have already purchased the game.

john22355d ago

they said that it would come as a DLC, not that it would definitely be for free

pr0digyZA2355d ago

True, I think I'm just really hoping the CDprojekt guys in their team have some influence;) .