Dear Esther interview with creator Dan Pinchbeck

With the official Steam release just a week away (February 14), Dear Esther creator Dan Pinchbeck spoke with GamerNode about the design process, the benefits of remaking the game, and the state of videogame development.

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DanCrabtree2175d ago

"Bioshock and particularly System Shock 2 are brilliant at that idea of disassociating the events in the player’s time with the events in the story’s time, and that’s a hugely powerful storytelling technique for games, as essentially nothing you can do alters what’s already happened."

Just... yes.

italianbreadman2175d ago

These guys know what's up. I hope to see more from them in the future.

s45gr322174d ago

Hmmm so true the film industry is pretty stagnant. Unfortunately, there is a lot of games that have not moved forward. Anyways, cant wait to play their game dear esther sounds very interesting.