The Ten Best HD Remakes

Games Catalyst: "There are plenty of HD remakes available right now, from long neglected twenty year old classics to last gen legends that needed a polish, but which ones are most deserving of your gaming budget?"

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acemonkey2323d ago

good of war is great......Metal Gear is great....RE4 is great...HD is just a bonus

darthv722322d ago

that is a mighty fine remake. I also like the newly released daytona for psn/xbla. Just wish sega would have released the other daytona tracks with it.

Emilio_Estevez2323d ago

How many are there really? 8, they had to throw in 2 non-hd games to fill it, should have gone with a 5 list.

Tired2323d ago

I was just about to ask how many HD remakes there were.

ASTAROTH2323d ago

Sorry but not including Sly Collection, Jak and Daxter Collection, God of War Origins and Prince of Persia Collection is just a FAIL in the list.

P_Bomb2323d ago

RE4 HD was too flawed, shouldn't be included imo. Visuals weren't true HD, trophy/achievement disparity, some nagging issues. Sly killed it. 3 games 3 platinum sets, true HD retouch, 3D , new content, plus you can buy them individually from PSN as well for a tenner.

ZippyZapper2322d ago

Does the last ten console games I played on my PC count?

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