LucasArts To 'Revolutionise' Online Games, Planning Next-Gen Action Games

NowGamer: The dev that Star Wars built is planning big things for the future of gaming, and is working on a next-gen adventure.

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Emilio_Estevez2200d ago

Hopefully revolutions with Lucas Arts involve Battlefront3

Feckles2200d ago

The Force Unleashed was a waste of time, Battlefront 3 should have been a priority for Lucas this gen.

Would love to see a full FPS take on Battlefront too.

Emilio_Estevez2200d ago

I would really like to see 3rd and 1st person, with it being the users choice.

TimmyShire2200d ago

YES!! This! I want Battlefront 3 so badly.

skyward2200d ago

Next-gen Jedi Outcast III? Er, yep.

DeadlyFire2200d ago

You mean Next Generation Jedi Knight 3. :P I personally wouldn't mind it being called Dark Forces 3. Since Dark Forces 2 gave birth to Jedi Knight series.

From all the rumors on the web. There are 4-5 games that could pop up from this new Star Wars shift at Lucasarts.

One. Battlefront 3

Two. Republic Commando 2

Three. Jedi Knight 3 or some variation of the series.

Four. Space fighter type game like X-wing vs. Tie fighter.

Five. New RPG like KOTOR game series. Maybe KOTNR?

Oh I guess Force Unleashed 3 also qualifies, but I am not excited about that unless its design mirrors Jedi Knight series.

Although this ad seems alot like its all about Next Generation technology. So its possible this is Lucasarts saying we are jumping into next generation. So what title do they have in development that is now also coming to WiiU or Xbox 3. E3 reveal I bet.

LightofDarkness2200d ago (Edited 2200d ago )

I agree, I'd like to see a Dark Forces 3 that's more akin to the Deus Ex upgrade system. It would be more in tune with the character too, seeing as he's stuck between rogue and Jedi.

You could upgrade his abilities in both trees, or myriad other abilities, creating pure rogue/Jedi characters if you wish or a "shadow" jedi, whose intentions aren't entirely clear and will adapt abilities from either path to confront any situation (or confront nothing at all). A stealthy Star Wars game could be cool.

From the sound of it, they're looking for someone who's savvy with the trends leading to the next generation and to develop tools and techniques to aid in the development of titles using these features. I doubt they have any concrete titles in the works just yet.

DeadlyFire2200d ago

Could be in a paper and planning stage though. It was rumored months ago of Lucasarts having 3rd person action/aventure title, RPG title, Space fighter title, and 3rd person shooter all in the works. So...maybe something is brewing, but not yet on the hardware I know.

It would be nice if the Unreal engine deal they signed was for Unreal Engine 4.0 development. Next generation hardware is likely ready or in a conceptual final stage at least for Nintendo, and Microsoft. Sony has yet to have any hardware rumors spill on the net. Kinda strange to me.

fastrez2200d ago

Please bring out X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter HD

h311rais3r2200d ago

Bf3 jk3 and tie fighter rebirth. Then maybe Lucas arts will get some respect back

Nodoze2200d ago

YAWN. we have heard this same thing in the past.

Believe when we see it.

Oh and your games are off the day 1 buy list after the craptastic last Star Wars unfinished title that you released.

You need to earn back this gamer.

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