CLOUD Artbook Final Fantasy XIII, Versus and Agito Scans's issue of CLOUD has finally arrived and we've scanned all of the Fabula Nova Crystallis related pages, 24 in total. All information is written in Japanese but hopefully we'll have a translation soon.

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The Killer3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

finally Cloud will be here next year!
i cant wait for this game! i hope to see Cloud in full action as a main character or even the star of the game!
if this is true expect the sales of this game to be over 5 million and with couple of millions of ps3!

Darkiewonder3778d ago

they weren't talking about Cloud in final fantasy xiii. CLOUD is the title of the artbook/dvd and stuff ;o

The Killer3778d ago

u saved me from making bigger hopes but also disappointed me, it will be very good if could was there, well any way i think they will make a new good character!

Darkiewonder3778d ago

there is a gamesradar that said the blonde guy is Cloud. It's more of a hype to build on the ever growing hype that's already placed on the game ;o

Forgot but the man that created Cloud does not want to let go of him yet. so there may be some inclusion of him in some shape or form. right now it's smart to not expect cloud in the game until really confirmed if he is or not ;o

jinn3778d ago

not big news if FFVS13 doesn't come to the 360