Ars technica: The Darkness II: A short, entertaining, by-the-numbers horror shooter

Ars technica: The Darkness II is one of the most unabashedly and gleefully gory games of this generation, reveling in its own torrents of blood and shredded viscera. While bullets, exploding heads, and tearing through flesh aren’t anything new in the video game world, the brutal Darkness executions take the virtual carnage to a whole new level. Bodies are regularly torn in half (both crosswise and lengthwise), skulls and spinal columns are torn out through mouths, bodies are impaled with thrown objects, and entire digestive tracts are forcibly removed through enemies' nether regions.

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Pintheshadows2355d ago

By the numbers!? Horror shooter!? It isn't either of those things. It is short though. Short and sweet.