First Look: The Darkness II

GodisaGeek: "We wouldn’t normally do this, but this edition of First Look comes with a warning; do not watch it unless you are prepared for some awesome – yet gruesome – violence.

You see, The Darkness II picks up some years after we left Jackie, he has managed to hold back the Darkness for some time but…something happens very early on in the game (as you’ll see in our video) that causes Jackie to unleash the dark power kept within, all voiced by Mike Patton. From then on, you can expect superb combat and absolute bloody mayhem.

So sit back, and enjoy the first fifteen minutes of The Darkness II, then go buy it, it’s ace."

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CyberGrim2262d ago

Oh my god, I can't wait to get my hands on this game! The best part of the demo was when I grabbed a parking meter using the Darkness and impaled a guy through the face; pinning him to the wall.

Classic Jackie.