See How Well the Vita Plays With / Against the PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita share the sort of relationship that the Previous Sony Portable could only dream of. Maybe the PS3 thought the PSP was the one, but now it's found something much more intimate and personal.

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supremacy2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

Is what every developer needs to do with their games. Specially when it comes to ports.

I am looking at you "mortal kombat" and "modnation racers:road trip".

This one of those features I strongly feel can and will set tge vita apart from the rest. If ofcourse it becomes a standard practice across 90% of the games coming out for the vita & ps3.

This to me is the equivalent of cross chat on live, but for sen(psn).

brodychet2293d ago

I want this so bad, but I'm not sure if I want to spend the money... but with every video I watch, they're reeling me in more. ugh.

darthv722293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

but the issues of quality differences between platforms was the hurdle. Taking wipeout for example. Yes it was out for the psp and the ps3 and there could have been a patch to make them competitive but the lack of common tracks and then you have to have things adjusted to a common denominator within the game to make it playable.

Vita does not have those technical restrictions the psp has so therefore it makes perfect sense for sony to have perfected the cross platform play for the vita. The idea was always there but that is what happens when you have two platforms that are so distinct from each other.

In the case of nintendo doing it first (as stated below) this is actual cross platform play. Not indirect play by means of using the handheld in addition to the console as some type of game control interface. Yes i am reminded of the cube cable and the pacman game.

IF nintendo were to try and do something similar then they would have to match the platforms up to as close as each other as they can. Nintendo portables have generally been a generation behind their console counterpart. EX: gameboy was a portable NES when the SNES was the console of choice. GBA portable SNES when the Cube was the home console. The DS was virtually an N64. The 3ds is a more advanced ds and closer to the quality of the cube now.

although, there could be some games released for the wii that could offer play against the 3ds but obviously there would be limitations.

What sony has done is taken ideas and actually made them work. Good job sony.

mathsman2293d ago

It's interesting, but Nintendo did do this a decade ago.

growlancer72293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

People were having sex since the dawn of man. Does that make sex any less enjoyable now?.

mathsman2293d ago

That's not the point I was making.

darthv722293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

to be fair...if you have been married for a decade or more then 'maybe' the sex is less enjoyable now.


@mathsman....we know that wasnt the point. infact you neglected to really make any point from that very short comment.

If you are going to say something like "It's interesting, but Nintendo did do this a decade ago." then the first thing would be to elaborate on HOW and offer examples of WHEN.

BubloZX2293d ago

are you talking about that whack ass gba to gamecube hook up? Yeah Nintendo did it but not to the level we're seeing now. This is a whole new experience then what nintendo did. this was supposed to be what the wii u and 3ds did but the vita will beat them to the punch. Now I don't even see the point in getting a wii U until a new brawl or zelda game

SoulMisaki2293d ago

If you're talking about the GBA Cable, you're sadly misunderstanding what Sony is doing. I'm pretty sure you couldn't play full gamecube games against players on the gamecube with your GBA, could you?

rezzah2293d ago

So your point is that Nintendo originated the idea that Sony is now using/perfected in comparison to what they have created.

If this is your point then you should understand that people naturally create and perfect new ideas from old ideas.

Example is Sony was the first to use peripherals in console gaming on the PS2, they also tested the idea of motion gaming (unless proven otherwise).

Though they deemed it to not be effective at the time, it is hard to believe that Nintendo originated the idea of a motion only gaming console from scratch. Because to have the idea of a motion gaming console without borrowing any ideas from someone or something else, they must have created the idea of motion gaming before anyone else. This would of made Nintendo extremely famous, as they would have not only originated the idea of motion gaming, but use it to such an extent soon after the revaluation of its lifetime.

So overall you pointing out the fact that Nintendo did what Sony is doing, to a far greater extent, currently is informative but has no meaning. Unless that meaning is to imply that this idea that Sony is using is a fad, and that Nintendo should be applauded for using such ideas early in gaming history.

Yet with all this being said, it would inevitably lead to the belief of you being a Nintendo fanboy! For what does it prove, but only your personal association towards Nintendo over Sony.

Your point is that you are a Nintendo Fanboy, or at the very least you are someone who dislikes Sony.

mathsman2293d ago

Just so you all know, I don't dislike Sony. I have a PSone, PS2, PSP, PS3 and have pre-ordered a PS Vita. My point was that Nintendo already delivered this connectivity years ago, but it was never truly expored because they were berated for it. I don't see why it's any different now.

And also, you can play cross-platform multiplayer between 360/PC and WP7. ;)

supremacy2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )

No, not exactly. I mean to connect a handheld to a console and play games primarly designed for the handheld in cross play fashion means not every game would be compatible as the difference in specs between those two are huge.

In lame terms, gamecube games wouldnt be able to run on the gba. This means no remote play or any of that which has to do with proper cloud gaming can be achieve.

Put it like this, what Sony is doing with the vita is simply using its network to connect mutiple devices. Meaning you dont have to be in the same room much less be plugged to your home console in order to enjoy this feature. Heck just the idea of being out somewhere where wifi is in abundance makes this the more attractive. Just the idea of being able to log in to your sen( psn) account from anywhere and connect and play against your ps3 buddies without the need to be plugged in, is in itself a leap in comparisson to what you are bringing up.

On a side note, I just want to say...People, you dont need or have to get two copies of the same game in order to enjoy this feature, unless your intentions are to use it for games like warriors lair(ruin) which is a progress based game. And even then, you dont have to. People can easily be on their friends ps3, who might own the console version of said game and sign in with their Sen(psn) ids and continue as if.

Try not to think of needing two copies of a game,because in reality Sony is not thinking you need two copies either. Rather they are thinking 62million people own ps3s and millions are bound to own vitas sooner or later. So the thinking then becomes about percentage, how many people own wipeout on the ps3 versus how many may do so on the vita.

They dont expect for example; the same exact number of copies of said game sold across both platforms. However, what they do expect is how many sen(psn) ids are making use of this feature. Thats the number that counts and the number that will likely determine how much or how long such a feature will be supported. Why, because this data can help increase the number of psn users, and in essence help the service grow, which means with that comes revenue.

gtxgamer22293d ago

i dont see any DS games playing Wii games? i dont see them playing with eachother over an online connection? nice try though.

MasterCornholio2293d ago

So what? What matters is that Sony is doing it now and Nintendo isn't. Plus what Sony is doing is extremely well done.


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rezzah2293d ago

Going to be awesome to play with my brothers while they use PS3s/Vitas.

Imagine when they perfect it further to be able to play games on a far larger scale without any issues!

gamingdroid2293d ago

If that is next gen... I would be very sad.

Half-Mafia2293d ago

Something I really want to happen with the Vita. Is for Sports games to have the Transfarring feature. For example I want to beable to start a new Fifa season on the PS3. And while away from the PS3 I can get a few matches in on the Vita or do player transfers. Then transfer the progress back to the PS3.

Or something MS wanted to do about 4 years ago with Forza 2. Where you can paint or tune your car on a mobile device and then race it on the console.

SOO many opportunity to this. I just hope developers dont get lazy and forget about it.

plmkoh2293d ago

You may find MLB 12: the show to be just your thing for "transfarring" saves.

eferreira2293d ago

you can do that with the new mlb the show.

pythonxz2293d ago

Whatever happened to the Augmented Reality for Wipeout 2048?

HarvesterOSarow2293d ago

It's still there. In one of the recent interviews one of the developers mentioned that the hardware will ship with the cards, and when you lay the card on the table and go into the garage/customize mode of wipeout you can get a detailed view, customize?, and possibly edit things about your vehicle. I hope it's done well.

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