OXM: Six ways to "kill pre-owned" without screwing consumers

OXM UK: "Microsoft's new console is a protean uncertainty. It could be anything, from a cuddly Kinect hub to a power-guzzling, fidelity-sweating beast. On the off-chance, then, that somebody deep in the R&D dungeons sincerely believes that adding systems that wall out pre-owned customers is anything other than a terrible idea, here's a list of alternative measures - some proposed by industry figures, others dredged from the seething tureens we like to call brains."

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dorron2261d ago

How about lowering prices?

In UK a new release is 45€ and 3 weeks later it drops to 30€. 2-3 months later it's between 20-30€.

In Spain new releases are 70€...and after a year they are still at that price tag.

Lower prices and people will buy games new...

PD: I have just a couple of pre-owned in my library. Mostly games that aren't available nowadays. Most of my games come from importing from UK.

arnyftw2261d ago

I have no idea why thats the case, but for some reason the only places where game prices actually decrease are the US an UK. Everywhere else game prices stay the same.

Yi-Long2260d ago

... instead of selling them.

Keep supporting the games you release and rewarding those who bought it.

Why would anyone want to sell Battlefield 3 if they know that every 3-4 months, they would get a new mappack!? FREE!

Why would anyone want to sell Street Fighter vs Tekken if they know that new characters will be added for free 6 months from now?

You need to make sure that you offer value for money, so people don't look at 2nd hand anymore for a good deal, and you need to make sure that people who buy your game, are being kept happy and interested with it, so they hang on to their copy!

THAT'S how you battle 2nd hand.

Why would any consumer want to 'support' developers/publishers who are actively trying to nickel-and-dime them every step of the way!?

dirigiblebill2261d ago

I think the point about selling different modes and features separately could be interesting if it's done well. Could be horrendous too. Imagine not being able to speak to certain NPCs till you've coughed up...

koh2260d ago

While I could get behind splitting up the single player and online modes in a game (as long as the pricing is right and not $50 for each), I would absolutely hate having to pay for each city in Skyrim. While I know it wouldn't be THAT straightforward, and more like some other DLC chunks you can buy, I don't want to be nickeled-and-dimed into paying $100 to play all of a game I like.

Kyosuke_Sanada2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

How about making a great full game that actually has longevity. If developers made classics that gamers would enjoy playing at least a year later then less games would be traded in. Microwave gaming is only contributing to the habit.......

dirigiblebill2261d ago

Longevity's a tricky call with games, though. If you like something enough, you can theoretically play it forever.

DevilishSix2261d ago (Edited 2261d ago )

The whole agruement is friggin ridiclous. There is a secondary market for everything so why should gaming be any different. We consumers can chose to purchase new or used movies, music, cars, furniture, houses, etc. etc. I don't buy any arguement that game publishers deserve even more money just because someone sells a game that the publisher has already (thats the key here) already profited from.

dark-hollow2260d ago

because Ea CEO doesnt have enough maserati cars in his mansion.

dericb112260d ago


But everything you used as a example don't have to upkeep a service for people they did not receive money from. Can you take a car back to the dealership the first buyer got it from? No. Can you complain about furniture that is used to the maker? No. Devs get stuck supporting people who save a few bucks and they see none of it. Would you work for someone who didn't pay you a dime but wants the same service as the people who are paying you? I know I wouldn't.

hazelamy2260d ago

that only applies to online modes though.
now they've started doing the same thing for single player games that require no ongoing service from the developer.
like that catwoman thing.

now ea have it in their single player, offline only rpg.

why do they deserve to get paid more than once for the same job?

nobody else does.

greed, sheer naked greed.
that's why.

bobrea2260d ago

Negotiating revenue shares of the preowned market is the only thing that makes sense. Don't blame consumers for seeking the best value poss

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